I am not looking for a large number of clients, but instead hope to get engaged in collaborations with design teams working on campuses or with municipalities where the design of the spaces and facilities need creative solutions attuned to the context in which they have evolved.

Working independently, the type of product I might generate would be a report that assesses the key strengths and weaknesses of a setting and offers a general summary of some next steps that might be taken. This could include a prioritization of proposed measures and cost estimates.

My affiliation with the landscape architectural firm of Hodgson & Douglas based in Nashville for over 30 years allows a full-service, planning and design team to be engaged should developing concepts into pilot projects for implementation becomes the goal. Support in building constituencies on your campus, identifying operational concerns, and approaching options for marketing and funding, are all additional areas in which I am well versed to offer strategies from the 30 years of putting the total package together for well in excess of $1.5 billion dollars of capital investments at Vanderbilt University.

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